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Kaleb C Orge Medicine Hat , Canada

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About me

My Name is Kaleb Orge. I graduated High School in 2002 and am in college for the second time working toward finishing the degree I started in 2003. Teaching appeals to me and I'd prefer senior high school students because I'd like to spare them the shock I had after leaving the school system.


I download it. It's legal in Canada, so there DCMA!!

Movies and TV:

Anything sci fi. Period. I have an opinion about it and can probably quote lines to you.


I don't. Unless you count e-sports. My Left 4 Dead tournament team is shaping up....


A one of the crowd that assigned my teachers nicknames based on mispronounciation, I live in dread of what they will do to mine. While I don't mind being "Mr. Ogre" I take umbrage at any mispelling involving the letter "y". That's why I'm considering go


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Who is Kaleb?